About the Dutch Canadian Club

Founded in 1977, the Dutch Canadian Club offers more than just a social club. Through socials and various events the DCC provides the opportunity to form friendships that last a lifetime.

Our mission statement sums it up:

  • To provide sporting, social and recreational facilities for its members
  • To participate in and support national and local ethnic, cultural and sporting programs.

DCC Executive

Board Meeting – 2nd Monday day of the month @ 7:00pm

Committee Meetings 2nd Monday of the Month wit 31 day at 6.30 pm

RENTAL COORDINATOR: (780) 984-4569

Board Members
President – Frank Stolk
(780) 984-4569

Email: dccedm@gmail.com

Vice-president – Emmy Diamond
Email: EDiamond@ivanhoecambridge.com

Secretary – Wanita White
Emai: wanwhite@telus.net

Treasurer – Judy Boekholt

Email: jboekholt@shaw.ca
(780) 406-9674

Cees Stolk
Email: cstolk@excite.com

Pieter van Leeuwen
Emai: phvanl@hotmail.com

Femke Williams
Email: femkawil44@yahoo.ca

Rinske Ter Heide

Email: rterheide@shaw.ca

Ria Bok

Email: riaandbert@gmail.com

The Windmills
Pieter Putters
780 466-5756

Dutch Touch
Jenny Smits
780 473-0905

Email: jismits@telus.net

Jenny Smits
780 473-0905

Email: jismits@telus.net

Cory Viens
780 478-1450

Hall Rentals
Frank Stolk
780 984-4589

Email: dccedm@gmail.com

Heritage Festival
Emmy Diamond
780 433-5584

Klaverjas Tournaments
Pieter Van Leeuwen
780 459-5367


Piet Putters
780 466-5756

Spring Market
Barbara de Visser
780 991-0239

Stitch ‘N Rip Club
Edith Van Leeuwen
780 489-8404