Our Clubs

The Windmills Seniors Club
This lively and active seniors club enjoys conversation, playing cards, billiards, shuffleboard, knitting, sewing, arts & crafts and even traveling together.

The Windmills (as they are affectionately known) meet every Thursday afternoon during the winter season and always welcome new members (55 & up).

Contact information:
- President: Piet Putters (780) 466-5756
- Secretary: Judy Boeknolt (780) 467-3701
- Treasurer: Ria Bok (780) 472-2725

The DCC Auxiliary
This amazing group of dynamos organizes and oversees most of the functions of the DCC. This group also works diligently to prepare and sell the delicious Dutch foods seen at all of our events. Anyone who wants to join in may participate.

Contact information:
- President: Edith Van Leeuwen (780) 489-8404
- Secretary: Riek Stolk (780) 464-4879 and
- Secretary: Truus de Visser (780) 434-4133
- Treasurer: Erica Van Leeuwen (780) 457-5367

The Billiard Club
Do you like to play a game of billiards? At the DCC Centre our billiard club members meet every Wednesday evening during the winter season. They enjoy fun and friendship while playing competitive billiards against each other.

Contact information:
Jack Toering – (780) 454-5171

Concordia Concert Band
This band plays its own brand of melodious music in the Edmonton area, at DCC functions, and other events, much to the delight of all involved. Band members meet each Thursday evening in the main hall of the DCC centre.

Contact information:
Dave Greidanus – (587) 269-3819

Folklore Group
Our Folklore Group, a very active fun group of people that practice every week on Tuesday evenings, they organize talent nights, plays, dances, and performances. If you would like to learn a new dance, or love the stage, this is a great bunch to hang out with.

Contact information
Lisa Putters – (780) 466-5756

Card making
Do you like making your own greeting cards? Our card makers get together on Saturdays and Thursdays and have a lot of fun creating cards for any occasion. We have a lot of supplies and gadgets and we learn from each other. Check our current events page for dates. Everyone welcome.

Contact information:
Rie Bok (780) 472-2725

Sewing Circle
Every Tuesday from 10 am to 3 pm our sewing circle gets together. We work on Dutch cultural items, like costumes for dolls, but also get into other craft items which we sell at the Spring Market. We always start with a cup of coffee and take turns making lunches. If you like sewing or crafts, join us. Everyone welcome.

Contact information:
Jenny Smits (780) 473-0905

Family Night
The last Friday of every month is family night. We welcome young families, with kids of all ages to socialize, play Wii games, board games movies, listen to music, play pool or what ever the kids can come up with.