DCC Evaluation

In order to maintain our highest standard of service we would appreciate a moment of your time to fill out our evaluation report. Please choose the most appropriate number for each statement below. A rating of five (5) indicates the highest level of agreement with the statement, and a rating of one (1) indicates the lowest level of agreement with the statement.

DCC Evaluation

Room Rented:

Reason for the rental:

The rental coordinator responded in a timely matter from the first phone call on.

The rental coordinator made us feel welcome and at ease from our first visit on.

The information we received when we booked the International Hall was very detailed.

The reasons for renting the DCC






Bar cost / corkage

Commercial kitchen

Free choice of catering service

The rental coordinator was always available to answer questions and solve any concerns in a timely manner

We strongly recommend the full day set up package, it took a lot of stress from setting up, decorating, gift opening and take down

We really appreciated the cleanliness of the building

Custodian was courteous, and showed us around when we setting up

The Bar Tenders where courteous

The Bar Tenders dress code was appropriate for the event

The corporate discount we received from Hotel Chateau Nova on the Yellow head was much appreciated by our guest

Parking of RV's on the DCC parking lot was a nice added bonus for some of our guests

We were glad that we choose the DCC for our wedding day and we have no regrets

We Strongly recommend the DCC to all our friends and family

Please share with us some of the other services you have used for your wedding, like Catering, D.J, Limo service, Flowers Formal Wear.

Caterer Rating

DJ Rating

Flower Shop Rating

Formal Wear Rating

Limo Service Rating

Wedding Cake Rating

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